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Run entirely by volunteers, Mopomoso plays host to the UK’s longest running concert series dedicated to free improvisation. Our next concert is listed below. Do come and check the music out. Ideally free improvisation is a music to be enjoyed live. If you can’t make it there are plenty of videos from previous performances in our Past Concerts section. Just click on a date to bring them up. Have fun and thanks for dropping by.

Sunday 21 December 2014

A highlight on the improvising calendar, it’s that time of year again for the delights of our Christmas party. A chance to hook up with old friends and meet new ones, it’s a great way to see some fine musicians in a more informal setting and experience the wide variety to be found in this music.

This year’s event takes place in the afternoon, and heralds a move to afternoon concerts – still on the third Sunday of the month – in 2015.

Among those so far confirmed are:

  • Ian McGowan – Trumpet
  • Sylvia Hallett – Violin / Electronics
  • Steve Beresford – Piano
  • Alice Eldridge – Amplified Cello
  • Edward Lucas – Trombone
  • Noel Taylor – Clarinets
  • Paul G Smyth – Piano
  • Roland Ramanan – Trumpet
  • Alya Marquardt
  • Tom Jackson
  • Mathew Hutchinson – Piano
  • Henry Lowther – Trumpet
  • Clive bell – Flutes
  • Loz Speyer – Trumpet
  • Dave Fowler – Drums
  • Kay Grant – Voice
  • Satoko Fukuda – Viloin
  • Viv Corringham – Voice
  • Carlos Ferrao

Xmas 2014 Improvisorama - Musicians


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