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Run entirely by volunteers, Mopomoso plays host to the UK’s longest running concert series dedicated to free improvisation. Our next concert is listed below. Do come and check the music out. Ideally free improvisation is a music to be enjoyed live. If you can’t make it there are plenty of videos from previous performances in our Past Concerts section. Just click on a date to bring them up. Have fun and thanks for dropping by.

Monday 2 February 2015

Very pleased to announce a special additional concert to our regular monthly series.

Yumiko Tanaka and Friends

yumiko by Koh Okabe 2004

Yumiko Tanaka is a highly regarded player of the Japanese traditional instrument the shamisen and also a vocalist. Her remarkable creative skills are not only to be found in in the world of traditional Japanese music, but also in contemporary music, opera, musical theater, ethno-pop, avant-garde music, free jazz and improvised music. On a rare visit to London Mopomoso founder and guitarist John Russell has suggested a group of improvisers to join her for what promises be a very special concert. They are Alex Ward -  clarinet,  Alice Eldridge – cello, Ken Ikeda (Japanese UK resident) – electronics and from Paris,  Pascal Marzan – guitar.

John Russell writes, ‘I am sorry to  miss this concert but if all goes well I will be in an ICU recovering from a heart operation. It takes something like that for me to miss his concert! Yumiko has a remarkable energy and creative imagination that is always a joy to encounter. I think she and the assembled group of musicians will pull something very special out of the bag for this! Not to be missed if you can help it!’

This concert is also at The Vortex. Doors open at 8.00pm. Admission £8 / £6 as usual.


Sunday 15 February

Beck Hunters: Mick Beck (tenor sax, bassoon and whistles) / Anton Hunter (guitar) / Johnny Hunter (drums) trio

Beck Hunters (by Andrew Newcombe)

‘It’s been a while since Beck put out one of his trio releases, but the group’s Discus release “The Hunt Is On” emphatically shows why threesomes are his favourite means of creating dynamic music and performance.  A first release from a refreshing mix of generations and styles partnering Beck’s experience and power with the younger talented Hunter brothers.  They easily span free music and free jazz, even making incursions into the wild west and middle European fantasies.  The group was formed about 2 years ago and immediately caught the attention of critics and audiences: “…truly mind-blowing, ranging between a cardiac arrest, epileptic fit and a nervous breakdown.  The trio are extremely tight, threatening to unravel before skilfully coming back into sync. There is some jaw-dropping guitar work and Mick is a maestro on the saxophone, the music oscillating between anger and desolation.” – Rob Aldam, Now Then Magazine Oct 2013”.

Adrian Northover (sax) / Daniel Thompson (guitar) duo

Adrian Northover / Daniel Thompson

A duo combining both close listening and an intense dialogue. Northover and Thompson are like two weavers working on a single musical carpet. While instrumental expectations are challenged by a constant ‘push and pull’ between the pair they never lose the thread that binds them as patterns emerge and submerge in an ever changing music. This performance celebrates the launch of their new CD ‘Mill Hill’ released on RawTonk records.

Gianni Mimmo / Harri Sjoestroem (soprano saxes) duo

Gianni Mimmo / Harri Sjoestroem

We are very pleased to welcome back these two European masters of the soprano sax on a return visit to Mopomoso after a two year gap. In that time they have continued to tour and delight audiences with their melodic invention and split second interplay. A remarkable dialogue developing from a shared and deep love of the instrument that draws the ear into a timeless, stylistically broad and engaging musical adventure.

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