Sabu Toyozumi (Japan) percussion, Luo Chao yun (Taiwan) pipa, John Russell (UK) guitar, Pat Thomas (UK) keyboards, Lol Coxhill  (UK) saxophone, John Butcher (UK) saxophones, Jean Borde (France) bass, Ute Voelker  (Germany), accordion Satoko Fukuda (UK) violin, Angelika Sheridan (Germany) flutes, Shabaka Hutchins (UK) saxophone and clarinet, Hannah Marshall (UK) cello, Hennry Lowther (UK) trumpet.

John Russell, brought together another hand picked group of leading international improvisers from the worlds of jazz, experimental, classical and avant-guard music in his three day annual music festival – Fête Quaqua 2009. The festival featured both ensemble and smaller groupings to explore new collaborations over the three days

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Henry Lowther / Ute Voelker / Jean Borde / Luo Chao-yun / Shabaka Hutchings
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Angelika Sheridan / John Russell / Shabaka Hutchings / Hannah Marshall / Sabu Toyozumi
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