I’Klectik Ballistik

Friday 2 / Saturday 3 / Sunday 4 December 2016


I’Klectik Arts Lab, ‘Old Paradise Yard’, 20 Carlisle Lane (Royal Street corner) SE1 7LG – next to Archbishop’s Park

3 days of improvised music and more.
A celebration of the diversity and collective power of improvised music.

In-advance tickets available online via Eventbrite

Friday £8  / Saturday & Sunday  £10  / 3-day pass  £20


Friday £10  / Saturday & Sunday  £12  / 3-day pass  £25

Dec 2 Friday (doors 7pm)

  • The Mopomoso workshop group
  • Sue Ferrar (violin) performing with film shot during her recent visit to the Discovery Hut Antarctica
  • Peter Marsh (bass), David Ross (electronics), Andrew Sharpley (electronics) trio
  • Sarah Gail Brand (trombone) Mark Sanders (drums) duo
  • Steve Beresford (piano) Satoko Fukuda (violin) duo
  • John Russell (guitar) / Stale Liavik Solberg (percussion) duo

Dec 3 Saturday (doors 1.30pm)

  • The Mopomoso workshop group
  • Paul Morris (The Gadget) solo
  • Bruno Guastalla (cello) Lawerence Casserley (electronics) duo
  • Sharon Gal (voice-electronics) solo
  • Daniel James Ross (electronics) Ian Simpson (guitar) duo
  • Alex Maguire (piano) Martin Speake (sax) duo
  • Luiz Moretto (violin) Marcio Mattos (cello) Isidora Edwards (cello) trio
  • KILT – Daniel Kordik (electronics) Ken Ikeda (electronics) Ed Lucas (trombone) trio
  • Illi Adato (electro acoustic rig) Guy Harries (flute and electronics) Dave Fowler (drums) trio
  • The Custodians – Adam Bohman (voice-electronics) Adrian Northover (sax) Sue Lynch (sax) trio
  • Alan Wilkinson (sax) solo
  • Dave Tucker (bass) Rachel Musson (sax) Claude Deppa (trumpet) Ravi Low-beer (drums) quartet
  • Kay Grant (voice) Alex Ward (clarinet) duo
  • Paul G Smyth (piano) solo
  • Phil Minton (voice) John Russell (guitar) duo

Dec 4 Sunday (doors 1.30pm)

  • The Mopomoso workshop group
  • Sylvia Hallett (violin) Clive Bell (flute) duo
  • South Leicestershire Improvisors Ensemble – Lee Allatson (drums) Virginia Anderson  (clarinets) Bruce Coates (saxophones) Christopher Hobbs (piano/whistles/small instruments) Rick Nance (flugel horn) Trevor Lines (bass) sextet
  • Edward Lucas (trombone) Daniel Thompson (guitar) Guillaume Viltard (bass) trio
  • Mark Browne (sax) solo
  • Ross Lambert (guitar) Ute Kanngiesser (cello) duo
  • Steve Noble (perc) Alex Ward (clarinet) duo
  • Adrian Northover (sax ) Tom Jackson  (clarinet) JJ Duerinckx (sax) trio
  • Alison Blunt (violin) Hannah Marshall (cello) Trevor Watts (sax) trio
  • Eve Petermann (dance) John Russell (guitar) duo