Mopomoso Live Concert Series

Run entirely by volunteers, Mopomoso has as its aims and objectives the promoting of the understanding and enjoyment of freely improvised music in all its forms. We do this in a number of ways and we also play host to the UK’s longest running concert series dedicated to the music. Our next concerts are listed below. Do come and check the music out. Ideally free improvisation is a music to be enjoyed live. If you can’t make it there are plenty of videos from previous performances in our Past Concerts section. Just click on a date to bring them up. Have fun and thanks for dropping by.

John Russell Celebration – Mopomoso TV

John RussellOur February episode, to be screened on the 21st at 2pm GMT, will obviously be devoted to celebrating the musical life and legacy of the late and great John Russell. We would like to invite tributes – for instance in music or in spoken form (including jokes) from any of you whose lives he touched. Contributions should be .mp4 format landscape and no longer than 2 minutes and should be sent to moc.o1623851329somop1623851329om@sn1623851329oissi1623851329mbus1623851329 by the 7th of February.


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