John Russell Celebration – Mopomoso TV

Our February episode, to be screened on the 21st at 2pm GMT, will obviously be devoted to celebrating the musical life and legacy of the late and great John Russell. We would like to invite tributes – for instance in music or in spoken form (including jokes) from any of you whose lives he touched. Contributions should be .mp4 format landscape and no longer than 2 minutes and should be sent to by the 7th of February.

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We hope you managed to listen in to Mopomoso Digital today. This is a reminder that the next one will be on the third Sunday of the month, that’s the 19th July. If you would like to propose a contribution for that or future broadcasts, please contact with your idea.

Please DON’T send any files until you have heard back from the mopomoso team otherwise someone’s laptop will explode! Remember it needs to be video and audio together, needs to be in landscape not portrait, no longer than 5 minutes but can be shorter. Preferably new and exciting but could also be an older piece of footage. We are looking forward to hearing your ideas.

Ta-ta for now.

The Mopomoso Digital team.

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Mopomoso Digital – Episode One

First edition of Mopomoso Digital (live premiere 2pm BST Sunday 28th June) featuring:

Link camera by Yui Ting.

Brought to you by the Mopomoso Team.