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Mopomoso Past Concerts

Sunday 21 September 2014

Emilio Gordoa (vibes) / Roland Ramanan (trumpet) duo
The Paulinus trio – Dave Tucker (guitar) / John Rangecroft (tenor sax and clarinet) / Marcio Mattos (bass and electronics)
Pat Thomas (piano) / Emi Watanabe (Japanese flutes) duo
Stefan Keune (tenor sax) / John Russell (electric guitar) duo

Guitar Lessons

John Russell currently has some space for guitar pupils. From beginners to advanced, can be in one to one private lessons or in larger groups, the emphasis being on general technique and approaches to playing rather than specialising in any one particular stylistic genre. Also using the guitar in free improvisation. Email .

Free improvisation for saxophonists with Rachel Musson

Rachel ran a series of regular monthly workshops for saxophonists at the Vortex. The workshops involved playing in groups of different sizes, exploring different elements that might be utilized when improvising and promoting listening and interacting skills. Different prompts were used to spark ideas for improvising, and background examples of other musicians working in this field were […]

Sunday 19 December 2010

(Please note: there are many videos on this page, so it will take time to download)
Mopomoso’s annual end of year extravaganza. Musicians include Guillaume Viltard, Alison Blunt, Ivor Kallin, Rick Jensen, Terry Day, Steve Beresford, Moshi Honen, Rodrigo Montoya, Kay Grant, Daniel Thompson, Noel Taylor, Martin Hackett, Steve Noble, Lol Coxhill, Viv Corringham, Dave Solomon, Benedict Taylor, John Russell, Alan Tomlinson, Phil Minton, Roger Turner, Olie Brice, Neil Metcalfe, Maggie Nicols, Noura Sanation, Dave Tucker, Steve Noble, Viv Corringham, Dave Fowler, Adam Bohman, Alan Wilkinson

John Russell improvisation workshop

Some pictures taken by Phillippa Howarth from our November 2010 workshop which took place in the afternoon before our regular evening concert:

Richard Barrett / John Russell improvisation workshop

This took place on November 16th at The Vortex with the first part led by John Russell and the second by Richard Barrett. It was attended by 17 musicians playing a range of instruments and apart from introducing different ways to think about sound and group playing in free improvisation, gave an opportunity for the […]

Phil Minton´s Feral Choir

On June the 21st vocalist extraordinaire Phil Minton gave an afternoon workshop for skilled and unskilled singers who then played the opening set in the evening concert. A video from part of this concert can be seen at YouTube.

Sunday 21 November 2010

(Please note: there are many videos on this page, so it will take time to download)
John Russell´s Quaqua:
Yoko Arai (piano)
Max Eastley (self made instruments)
Satoko Fukuda (violin)
Dominic Lash (bass)
Henry Lowther (trumpet)
Hannah Marshall (cello)
Phil Minton (vocals)
John Russell (guitar)
Hideaki Shimada (violin)
Roger Turner (drums, percussion)

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