Sunday 19 February 2017

This month’s Mopomoso concert in our ‘Afternoon Sessions at The Vortex’  is an all UK programme of small group interplay with seven highly regarded musicians.  Doors open 2.00 pm and Admission is £8 / £6 concessions

Paulinus trio

The Paulinus trio – John Rangecroft (reeds) / Marcio Mattos (bass) / Dave Tucker (guitar)

A welcome return to Mopomoso from this no nonsense group. Ears open, eyes down and full steam ahead! A constantly shifting musical narrative of depth and clarity.


Kay Gran

Pat Thomas (keyboards) / Kay Grant (voice) duo

Two musicians featured on the ‘Making Rooms’ 4 CD boxed set (Weekertoft), for which they have received rave reviews, here performing as a duo for the first time. Expect playful inventiveness, sympathetic interplay and large swathes of rich sonorities juxtaposed with moments of microscopic detail. Enjoy the journey!


neil a

Neil Metcalf (flute) / John Russell (guitar) duo

Within the world of free improvisation Neil’s musicianship and total dedication to his art is of almost legendary status. He will constantly develop a melodic fragment or stretch its parameters in a seemingly endless stream of invention. Joined here by guitarist and Mopomoso founder Russell in a duo that promises to be a delight.