Sunday 20 November 2016

To coincide with the London Jazz Festival, which has almost been going as long as us, Mopomoso is delighted to be able to present this international bill with musicians from Sweden, Chile and Japan performing with their UK counterparts and celebrating both the unity and diversity to be found within the world of free improvisation. Continuing our 25th anniversary afternoon series at The Vortex – address in the footer at the bottom of this page

Niklas Fite (guitar) / Isak Hedtjärn (clarinet) / Phil Minton (voice) trio

The Fite / Hedtjarn duo are originally from Sweden but currently resident in Berlin, where they are continuing to develop their own take on the music. At one concert they were joined by one of the best vocal improvisers in the world today, Phil Minton. Needless to say the concert was a great success and they jumped at the opportunity to play again at Mopomoso – just as we jumped at the opportunity to have them here!

Mark Wastell Quintet – Mark Wastell (cello) / Olie Brice (bass) / Ed Jones (sax,clarinet) / Mark Sanders (percussion) / Alex Ward (clarinet)

Mark Wastell is known as a musician who prefers to influence and nudge, to gently coax and set up situations that bring out the best in his colleagues and in this, his current quintet, he has some very fine colleagues indeed. A group that very easily fits into the category ‘diversity and unity’.

Yoko Arai (piano) / John Russell (guitar) duo

The final set of the afternoon sees the highly respected Japan-based pianist Yoko Arai resume her playing acquaintance with UK guitarist Russell. Their last appearance here was three years ago and previous meetings – some involving larger groups – have taken place both here at Mopomoso and in Tokyo, where Yoko hosts a concert series.


Iklectik Ballistik – Friday 2, Saturday 3, Sunday 4 December 2016

I’Klectik Ballistik

Friday 2 / Saturday 3 / Sunday 4 December 2016


I’Klectik Arts Lab, ‘Old Paradise Yard’, 20 Carlisle Lane (Royal Street corner) SE1 7LG – next to Archbishop’s Park

3 days of improvised music and more.
A celebration of the diversity and collective power of improvised music.

In-advance tickets available online via Eventbrite

Friday £8  / Saturday & Sunday  £10  / 3-day pass  £20


Friday £10  / Saturday & Sunday  £12  / 3-day pass  £25

Dec 2 Friday (doors 7pm)

  • The Mopomoso workshop group
  • Sue Ferrar (violin) performing with film shot during her recent visit to the Discovery Hut Antarctica
  • Peter Marsh (bass), David Ross (electronics), Andrew Sharpley (electronics) trio
  • Sarah Gail Brand (trombone) Mark Sanders (drums) duo
  • Steve Beresford (piano) Satoko Fukuda (violin) duo
  • John Russell (guitar) / Stale Liavik Solberg (percussion) duo

Dec 3 Saturday (doors 1.30pm)

  • The Mopomoso workshop group
  • Paul Morris (The Gadget) solo
  • Bruno Guastalla (cello) Lawerence Casserley (electronics) duo
  • Sharon Gal (voice-electronics) solo
  • Daniel James Ross (electronics) Ian Simpson (guitar) duo
  • Alex Maguire (piano) Martin Speake (sax) duo
  • Luiz Moretto (violin) Marcio Mattos (cello) Isidora Edwards (cello) trio
  • KILT – Daniel Kordik (electronics) Ken Ikeda (electronics) Ed Lucas (trombone) trio
  • Illi Adato (electro acoustic rig) Guy Harries (flute and electronics) Dave Fowler (drums) trio
  • The Custodians – Adam Bohman (voice-electronics) Adrian Northover (sax) Sue Lynch (sax) trio
  • Alan Wilkinson (sax) solo
  • Dave Tucker (bass) Rachel Musson (sax) Claude Deppa (trumpet) Ravi Low-beer (drums) quartet
  • Kay Grant (voice) Alex Ward (clarinet) duo
  • Paul G Smyth (piano) solo
  • Phil Minton (voice) John Russell (guitar) duo

Dec 4 Sunday (doors 1.30pm)

  • The Mopomoso workshop group
  • Sylvia Hallett (violin) Clive Bell (flute) duo
  • South Leicestershire Improvisors Ensemble – Lee Allatson (drums) Virginia Anderson  (clarinets) Bruce Coates (saxophones) Christopher Hobbs (piano/whistles/small instruments) Rick Nance (flugel horn) Trevor Lines (bass) sextet
  • Edward Lucas (trombone) Daniel Thompson (guitar) Guillaume Viltard (bass) trio
  • Mark Browne (sax) solo
  • Ross Lambert (guitar) Ute Kanngiesser (cello) duo
  • Steve Noble (perc) Alex Ward (clarinet) duo
  • Adrian Northover (sax ) Tom Jackson  (clarinet) JJ Duerinckx (sax) trio
  • Alison Blunt (violin) Hannah Marshall (cello) Trevor Watts (sax) trio
  • Eve Petermann (dance) John Russell (guitar) duo