Sunday 17 January 2016

Now celebrating our 25th year of an unbroken concert series dedicated solely to free improvisation the first concert of this anniversary year features three fascinating duos, each containing one of the three surviving members from the last version of Mal Dean’s Amazing Band, a group that first performed at Ronnie Scotts in 1973.

Terry Day (drums) / Billy Steiger (violin)

Terry Day should need no introduction to followers of improvised music. An ever-creative force whose collaborations with some of the music’s finest players and as a founder member of The People Band are well documented. Always innovative and keen to encourage and nurture creativity he plays here with regular partner Billy Steiger.

Kay Grant (voice) / Marcio Mattos (cello)

Described by The Wire magazine as “Totally in the here and now… intimate and musically flirtatious” Kay Grant’s vocals can switch between the ethereal and the visceral in a matter of moments. Partnered here by the skittering cello and electronics of Marcio Mattos who provides a continuous narrative that is at once supportive and also provocatory.

Tanja Feichtmair (sax) / John Russell (guitar)

After over ten years of playing together Feichtmair and Russell’s duo exhibits a feiry intensity that delights in taking risks and playing on the edge while firmly built on their shared sense of musical possibilities.


Weekertoft – First release New label

Mopomoso 2013 UK tour recordings – ‘Making Rooms’
on Weekertoft

weekertoft logo pic

First release

Weekertoft’s first release  is ‘Making Rooms‘: a 4-disc document, individually sleeved, with a 20-page booklet of accompanying text and photographs.

It features stunning music from the trio of Evan Parker, John Russell & John Edwards, Pat Thomas solo, the trio of Alison Blunt, Benedict Taylor & David Leahy, and duo of Kay Grant & Alex Ward.

All the music is of live recordings taken from the triumphant UK tour of 2013 to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Mopomoso and its contribution to the promotion of freely improvised music.

Making Rooms‘ is available for £30 plus shipping from

New Label

Weekertoft is a new label for improvised music founded by the English guitarist John Russell & Irish pianist Paul G. Smyth. “It is our wish to present documentation of improvised music that maintains a high level of quality both in production terms and in musical values. We want people to share with us the adventures and delights to be found in this vibrant area of music making and that is why we have created an ‘earfarm’ to cultivate it.”

WEEKER n. Ear. “Ain’t young Francis got great big weekers.” – Ashford and district. (see also Arkies) The Dialect of Kent (c1950)


TOFT tof-t n. A messuage; a dwelling-house with the adjacent buildings and curtilage, and the adjoining lands appropriate to the use of the household; a piece of ground on which the messuage formerly stood. A Dictionary of the Kentish Dialect and Provincialisms (1888)