Xmas 2013 including Ross Lambert, Steve Beresford, Kay Grant, Charlie Collins, Andrea Caputo, Beatrix Ward-Fernandez, Rachel Musson, Daniel Thompson, Richard Sanderson, Benedict Taylor, Dave Tucker, Maggie Nicols, Matt Hutchinson, Emmanuel Lorien, Satoko Fukuda, Daniel James Ross, Harry Gilonis, Julie Kjaer, Anthony Donovan, Portia Winters, Rick Jensen, Viv Corringham, Matt Chilton, Raymond MacDonald, Matt Scott. Paul Morris, Eun-Jung Kim, Seth Bennet, John Garcia Rueda, Paul Jolly, Alice Eldridge, Jez Parfett, Henry Lowther, Noel Taylor, Olie Brice, Hannah Marshall, Noura Sanatian, Mandy Drummond, Jim Dvorak, Adrian Northover, Paul Shearsmith, Alan Wilkinson, Ricardo Tejero and John Russell.

‘Another good year – bring a cake!’

An annual end of year celebration of all things improvised with a ‘cast of thousands’.

Since its inception some years ago Mopomoso’s end of year improvisorama has become a focal point for musicians to come and play in a series of short sets; to meet old friends and to make new ones. Certainly ‘the best party in town’ where audiences get a chance to experience a wide range of music in a less formal setting than our regular concert series.