Simon Rose saxophone solo Roland Ramanan (trumpet) / Tom Jackson (clarinet) / Daniel Thompson (guitar) trio Claudia Binder Stefan Keune (sax) / John Russell (guitar) duo

Simon Rose saxophone solo

simon roseA welcome chance to hear the remarkable saxophonist in a rare solo visit to this country.

‘Rose transforms the instrument into an orchestra; effect is superseded, or rather transmogrified, moving away from virtuosic display and becoming an essential part of the instrumental language..’

‘free but absolutely logical, the best blend of spontaneity and improvisation imaginable…’ Cadence

Roland Ramanan (trumpet) / Tom Jackson (clarinet) / Daniel Thompson (guitar) trio

roland ramanan trioHighly thought of London based trio displaying a keen sense of space and intimacy with spirited invention. Credits include John Stevens, London Improviser’s Orchestra, Peter Brotzmann, Keith and Julie Tippet(s) and Paul Dunmall.

Claudia Binder

claudia binderZurich based pianist making a welcome return visit. Thoughtful and unforced improvisations invite the listener into an open and naturalistic process of a music unfolding in real time.

Stefan Keune (sax) / John Russell (guitar) duo

stefan keune john russellFast reactions and fiery interplay from this long established duo. This, their only UK concert, to be part of an ongoing recording project. Past tours have included Japan, Germany and the UK. Total improvisation without artifice, direct, honest and engaging.