Day: 24 November 2010

Sunday 19 December 2010

(Please note: there are many videos on this page, so it will take time to download)
Mopomoso’s annual end of year extravaganza. Musicians include Guillaume Viltard, Alison Blunt, Ivor Kallin, Rick Jensen, Terry Day, Steve Beresford, Moshi Honen, Rodrigo Montoya, Kay Grant, Daniel Thompson, Noel Taylor, Martin Hackett, Steve Noble, Lol Coxhill, Viv Corringham, Dave Solomon, Benedict Taylor, John Russell, Alan Tomlinson, Phil Minton, Roger Turner, Olie Brice, Neil Metcalfe, Maggie Nicols, Noura Sanation, Dave Tucker, Steve Noble, Viv Corringham, Dave Fowler, Adam Bohman, Alan Wilkinson