Gus Garside / Dan Powell duo Guillaume Viltard solo Kay Grant / Alex Ward duo Luo Chao yun / John Russell duo

Garside / Powell duo

Gus Garside (bass,electronics) / Dan Powell (small percussion,laptop,guitar)

A well established Brighton based duo of some standing with revered bass player and sound installation artist

“… have an interest in modern composition as well as improvising and seem to combine both, recalling the rigorous acoustic soundscapes of the avant-garde and a number of sideways leaps into unknown territories.”
-Gravitational Pull

Guillaume Viltard (bass) solo

French bass player, now based in London, where he has established a firm reputation for his inventive and imaginative music. His group ‘Treehouse’ played Mopomoso last year to wide acclaim and this is his eagerly awaited debut for us as a soloist.

Grant / Ward duo

Kay Grant (voice) / Alex Ward (clarinet) duo

The New York vocalist – where she worked with a.o John Zorn – is now a UK resident and indispensable part of the London scene. She is joined here by regular partner, clarinet maestro Alex Ward for what promises to be a fine example of the improvisatory art.

Chao yun / Russell duo

Luo Chao yun (pipa) / John Russell (guitar)

A rare chance to catch this exciting duo. Taiwanese pipa virtuoso meets top British guitar improviser in an East meets West collaboration of frets, fingers, strings and plectra,
positively bubbling with musical delights.
Luo Chao yun appears courtesy of the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs