'WARY' Elisabeth Harnik solo Guazzaloca / Marshall / Mimmo trio Marsh / Russell duo


Angel Faraldo  (computer) /  Yolanda Uriz    (flute) / Ricardo Tejero (reeds) / Will Connor      (percussion)

Cutting edge computer powerhouse Angel Faraldo’s latest project brings together sensitive flute, angular melodic reeds and textural percussion in a far reaching sonic landscape from this intriguing UK and Netherlands based quartet, here to record their first CD.

Elisabeth Harnik   solo piano

Austrian pianist making a debut appearance for Mopomoso, Elisabeth has been awarded many prizes for her compelling work, with festival appearances as far afield as Europe, the USA and China.
“Harnik makes sound sculptures in wire.
They flex, sometimes break,
change with the light,
but they always seem to work.”
(Brian Morton, THE WIRE 06)

Guazzaloca / Marshall / Mimmo trio

Nicola Guazzaloca   (piano) / Hannah Marshall (cello) Gianni Mimmo (soprano saxophone)

Guazzaloca’s ever intelligent and inventive piano playing with fellow Italian, Gianni Mimmo’s lyrical and deeply rooted saxophone are joined by the remarkable Hannah Marshall in this, the trio’s second UK visit. A music with a multiplexity of colour and line, rhythmic surprise and engaging warmth.

Marsh / Russell duo

Tony Marsh  (drums)  / John Russell guitar

Tony Marsh is rightly regarded as one of the UK’s leading drummers, having appeared with many of the finest musicians around. His continuing exploration into drums and the art of drumming, matched with an extremely acute ear and an ability to ‘get inside the music’ is matched by a constant inventiveness. He is joined by Mopomoso host, guitarist John Russell for this debut duo performance.