Collins / Dores / Magda / Saw Yoko Miura solo piano Parker / Russell / Edwards

Collins / Dores / Magda / Saw

Mila Dores (vocals) / Yvonna Magda (violin) / Derek Saw (tuba) / Charlie Collins (drums)
This new quartet unites two of the rising generation of UK based improvisors from Leeds (Dores & Magda) with two “old hands” from Sheffield (Saw & Collins) in what promises to be a probing and far reaching affair that reflects their divers musical backgrounds. Portuguese vocalist Dores is a member of LIMA and is a graduate of Leeds College of Music’s Jazz course and now teaches and researches vocal techniques from around the world. Yvonna Magda is a member of a.o Swift are the Winds of Life and the Nickoladze Family Georgian Choir and provides music for dance and film collaborations.
Both Derek Saw and Charlie Collins are members of Sonny Simmons’ UK quartet and are two of the leading figures on the Sheffield music scene having played in a variety of settings from Rock, New Orleans Jazz, Blues and R’n B.

Yoko Miura solo piano

Tokyo based Yoko Miura trained as a classical pianist before moving into the worlds of Jazz and popular music. She began free improvisation with the Shakuhachi in a workshop setting and since 2002 has been performing as an improvisor in her native Japan and in Europe, having played with a.o Osamu Karuda, Jean Borde, Hans Koch and Yoshihiro Goseki. She gains her inspiration from natural scenery and nature and her music contains elements of peace and tranquility.

Parker / Russell / Edwards

Evan Parker (saxophones) / John Edwards (bass) / John Russell (guitar)
Three great musicians who have worked together in numerous permutations over many years and in many countries. Put together by Evan Parker, this particular group has been performing as a trio for sometime now. Freely improvised, constantly changing and closely interactive; drawing on a wealth of experience, they invite the audience into a unique sound world full of warmth and surprise. Check out the new CD ‘House Full of Floors’ on Tzadik.