Rachel has been running regular monthly workshops on free improvisation for saxophonists at the Vortex. The workshops are two hours long and involve playing in groups of different sizes and exploring different elements that might be utilized when improvising, and promoting listening and interacting skills. Different prompts are used to spark ideas for improvising, and background examples of other musicians working in this field are listened to. The workshop provides a forum for people to discuss their experiences of playing in this way, and aims to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Anyone who has some basic skills on the saxophone and is open to exploring new approaches to listening and playing is welcome to attend. It is possible in the future that the workshop may be opened to people playing all instruments. Anyone attending the workshop will also qualify for half-price entry to the next Mopomoso concert at the Vortex. For further information, please email Rachel at moc.n1505970372ossum1505970372lehca1505970372r@ofn1505970372i1505970372

John Russell improvisation workshop

Some pictures taken by Phillippa Howarth from our November 2010 workshop which took place in the afternoon before our regular evening concert: