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Run entirely by volunteers, Mopomoso has as its aims and objectives the promoting of the understanding and enjoyment of freely improvised music in all its forms. We do this in a number of ways and we also play host to the UK’s longest running concert series dedicated to the music. Our next concerts are listed below. Do come and check the music out. Ideally free improvisation is a music to be enjoyed live. If you can’t make it there are plenty of videos from previous performances in our Past Concerts section. Just click on a date to bring them up. Have fun and thanks for dropping by.

Sunday 20 October 2019

Mopomoso presents
‘The Afternoon Sessions’
The UK’s longest running concert series dedicated to free improvisation
The Vortex
11 Gillett Square
London N16 8AZ
#bringyourears #mopomoso

Doors open 2.00 pm Admission £8 -£6 concessions

Lawrence Casserley (electronics) Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg (voice) duo

Marillsa Gouvea (voice) Marcio Mattos (cello) / Adrian Northover (sax) Benedict Taylor (viola) quartet

Susanna Ferrar (violin) John Russell (guitar) duo

Continuing to celebrate all things improvised Mopomoso’s October concert chiefly comprises some major players associated with the London scene who are also respected members of the international improvising community. (Belgian vocalist Van Schouwburg has built so many connections here that he can be considered an honorary member of the capital’s creative community)
For newcomers to the music the Mopomoso concerts offer a chance to hear a cross section of what is happening in this vibrant and essential area of music making. A unique feature of free improvisation is that both the musicians and the audience discover the music at the same time. Feeling free to use and order any available sounds and to express their own musicality their music is created for a specific time and place. In the words of the hashtag all you have to do is ‘bring your ears’.


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