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Mopomoso Past Concerts

Saturday 16 September 2017

Paul G Smyth (piano) John Russell (guitar) duo
Barrel – Alison Blunt (violin) Ivor Kallin (viola) Hannah Marshall (cello)
Dave Tucker (bass) Claude Deppa (trumpet) Rachel Musson (sax) Mark Sanders (drums)
Steve Beresford (piano) Satoko Fukuda (violin) duo
Evan Parker (sax) John Russell (guitar) John Edwards (bass) trio
Nigel Coombes (violin) Roger Turner (drums) duo
Lee Boyd Allatson (drums) Alan Wilkinson (sax) Hannah Marshall (cello)
Viv Corringham (voice) Alex Ward (clarinet) duo
Trio Blurb – Maggie Nicols (voice) John Russell (guitar) Mia Zabelka (violin, voice)
Enzo Rocco (guitar) / Veryan Weston (piano) duo
Bomb – Ola Paulson (alto saxophone) Anders Lindsjö (electric bass guitar) Anders Uddeskog (drums & percussion)
Alison Blunt (violin) / Yoko Miura (piano) duo
Compulsive Quintet – Rick Jensen (sax/clarinet) Luisa Tucciariello (vocals/flute/effects) Michele Paccagnella (guitar) Sebastian Sterkowicz (bass Clarinet and Jordan Muscatello (bass)
Lullula – Jim Dvorak (trumpet) Kay Grant (voice) Armorel Weston (voice) Marcio Mattos (bass)
Paul G Smyth (piano) solo
Stefan Keune (alto saxophone) / Steve Noble (percussion) duo
S.L.I.E. South Leicestershire Improvisers Ensemble
Crush – Mark Browne (sax) Ian McGowan (trumpet) Sonic Pleasure (objects)
Mopomoso Workshop Group

Sunday 17 September 2017

Stefan Keune (sax) / John Russell (acoustic guitar) duo
Alison Blunt (violin) / Yoko Miura (piano) duo
Ola Paulson (alto saxophone) Anders Lindsjö (electric bass guitar) John Russell (electric guitar) Anders Uddeskog (drums & percussion) quartet

Sunday 20 Mon 21 Tues 22 August 2017

Alice Eldridge (feedback cello)
Satoko Fukuda (violin)
Matt Hutchinson (digital synthesiser/piano)
Ken Ikeda (electronics)
Paul Jolly (sax/reeds)
Charlotte Keeffe (trumpet/flugel horn)
Henry Lowther (trumpet/violin)
Pascal Marzan (guitar)
Rachel Musson (sax)
John Russell (guitar)
Gina Southgate (bric a brac)
Roger Turner (percussion)
Jennifer Walshe (voice)
Alex Ward (clarinet/guitar)

Sunday 16 July 2017

James O’Sulliuvan (guitar) / Chris Prosser (violin) duo
Terry Day (percussion) Dominic Lash (bass) duo
Tania Chen (piano) / John Russell (guitar) duo

Sunday 18 June 2017

TICKLISH – Phil Durrant (modular synth Rob Flint (video) Kev Hopper (bass guitar & effects) Richard Sanderson (amplified melodeon).
CRUSH – Mark Browne (sax,plus) Ian McGowan (trumpet) Sonic Pleasure (objects)
John Russell (guitar) Roger Turner (percussion) duo

Sunday 21 May 2017

Charlotte Keeffe (tpt,flg) Joe Smith Sands (gtr) Diego Sampieri (gtr)
Marilza Gouvea (voc) Marcio Mattos (cello) Adrian Northover (sax)
Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (sax) John Russell (gtr) Matthieu Safatly (cello)

Sunday 16 April 2017

Steve Beresford (piano,electronics) / Mandhira da Saram (violin) duo
Lee Boyd Allatson (drums, percussion) solo
Phil Minton (voice) / John Russell (guitar) duo

Sunday 19 March 2017

Kay Grant – voice, Marcio Mattos – bass and/or cello, Lawrence Casserley – electronics trio
Alan Wilkinson – solo saxophone(s) solo
Viv Corringham – voice, John Russell – guitar duo

Sunday 19 February 2017

The Paulinus trio – John Rangecroft (reeds) / Marcio Mattos (bass) / Dave Tucker (guitar)
Pat Thomas (keyboards) / Kay Grant (voice) duo
Neil Metcalf (flute) / John Russell (guitar) duo

Sunday 15 January 2017

Martin Hackett (electronics) Daniel Thompson (guitar) Phil Wachsmann (violin) trio
The Stellari String Quartet
Charlotte Hug (viola) John Edwards (bass) Marcio Mattos (cello) Phil Wachsmann (violin) quartet
Maggie Nichols (voice) John Russell (guitar) duo

Sunday 18 December 2016

It’s the End of Year Show!!! Starting at 2.00 p.m at The Vortex this is our final concert before the holidays and as usual will feature a large cast of musicians playing in different groupings and you are invited to bring food to share. We already have some musicians confirmed and the list will be added to […]

Sunday 20 November 2016

Niklas Fite (guitar) / Isak Hedtjärn (clarinet) / Phil Minton (voice) trio
Mark Wastell Quintet – Mark Wastell (cello) / Olie Brice (bass) / Ed Jones (sax,clarinet) / Mark Sanders (percussion) / Alex Ward (clarinet)
Yoko Arai (piano) / John Russell (guitar) duo

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